The story of the Southern Cross

The Dreamtime Ancestors of the Gunaikurnai.

Narran the moon was a mighty warrior and a fearless hunter. One day, after travelling a long way, he couldn't find any food at all. At last he saw Ngooran (the emu) on the other side of a wide creek, but the water was very deep and he could not get across. Narran thought he could cross over the creek on a log, but Brewin, a mischievous spirit, was hiding nearby. As Narran reached the deepest part of the water, Brewin upset the log and Narran fell off it into the water and drowned. Narran's spirit went to the sky where he is now the moon. Ngooran also went to the sky and is now the Southern Cross. Narran still hunts through the sky trying to catch Ngooran.


Bataluk Cultural Trail
Clan areas on the Bataluk Cultural Trail
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  1. white woman's waterhole
    won wron state reserve
  2. the lagoon
    sale common state game reserve
  3. the knob reserve
  4. ramahyuck cemetery
    perry bridge
  5. den of nargun
    mitchell river national park
  6. krowathunkooloong keeping place
  7. howitt park
  8. legend rock
  9. buchan caves
  10. burnt bridge reserve
    lake tyers forest park
  11. salmon rock and gunai boardwalk
    cape conran

Please treat all sites along the trail with respect and care to ensure they are preserved for future generations.