The Port Albert Frog and the Whiterock

Of Tidelek and Borun.

Long time ago there lived this Giant Frog, whose name was Tidelek.

One day Tidelek was sick because he drank up all this water in the land.

The next day Tidelek felt a bit better but was feeling sad, for what he had done.

That day, Tidelek was walking along the shores of Port Albert thinking how he was going to release this water back into the bay.

A mob of Gunaikurnai people and animals saw him slowly walking in the bay. They wander over to him and they asked him what was wrong. Tidelek said "I am still sick from drinking up all the water, can you help me free it".

The Gunaikurnai and animals put their heads together to think of what to do? They all agreed to do something funny! The Kangaroo went first and did a funny dance; everybody laughed except Tidelek.

A Gunaikurnai man went second and told a funny story; everybody continued to laugh except for Tidelek. The Eel went third and got up on his tail to wriggle; Tidelek thought the wriggle looked funny and began to laugh, he laughed so hard all the water came flooding out of his eyes and mouth creating this flood of water that went back into the bays. Many Kurnai/Gunai and Animals drowned that were caught in the flood; some were stuck on marooned forming islands. Borun was a Gunaikurnai leader and a magic man who had the totem of a black pelican.

Borun went out to rescue the others and left his wife till last; when he returned she was gone; she left her possum skin cloak sitting on a log and standing up looking like it was her waiting for him. To avenge the death of his wife; Borun painted himself up with pipeclay and changed back to a pelican to fly off; he was frozen to stone as it was against traditional law for any animals to have traditional markings. Now all the pelicans carry the white markings of the pipeclay which as made them now the colour of black and white. Borun now sits as a white rock in the catchments of Port Albert.


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  1. white woman's waterhole
    won wron state reserve
  2. the lagoon
    sale common state game reserve
  3. the knob reserve
  4. ramahyuck cemetery
    perry bridge
  5. den of nargun
    mitchell river national park
  6. krowathunkooloong keeping place
  7. howitt park
  8. legend rock
  9. buchan caves
  10. burnt bridge reserve
    lake tyers forest park
  11. salmon rock and gunai boardwalk
    cape conran

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