The five clans of the Gunaikurnai

The Gunaikurnai nation is made up of five major clans.

Bratwoloong people in South Gippsland, from Cape Liptrap and Tarwin Meadows, east to the mouth of Merrimans Creek, inland to about Mirboo to Port Albert and Wilsons Promontory (Yiruk Wamoon).

Brayakooloong people around the current site of Sale, Providence Ponds, Avon and Latrobe Rivers, west of Lake Wellington  to  Mounts Baw Baw and Howitt.

Brabawooloong people in East Gippsland encompassing the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo rivers and north to Bairnsdale and Bruthen.

Tatungooloong people around Lakes Entrance on the coast, along the Ninety Mile beach and around Lakes Victoria and Wellington, from Lakes Entrance southwest to mouth of Merrimans Creek, also Raymond Island on Lake King.

Krowathunkooloong people around the Snowy River, Cape Everard (Point Hicks) to Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers and encompassing the Bemm, Buchan and Snowy Rivers, inland to about Black Mountain and Mount
Nowa Nowa.


Bataluk Cultural Trail
Clan areas on the Bataluk Cultural Trail
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Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place
Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative
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  1. white woman's waterhole
    won wron state reserve
  2. the lagoon
    sale common state game reserve
  3. the knob reserve
  4. ramahyuck cemetery
    perry bridge
  5. den of nargun
    mitchell river national park
  6. krowathunkooloong keeping place
  7. howitt park
  8. legend rock
  9. buchan caves
  10. burnt bridge reserve
    lake tyers forest park
  11. salmon rock and gunai boardwalk
    cape conran


Please treat all sites along the trail with respect and care to ensure they are preserved for future generations.